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Advantage Power Plus

805/1064 nm Diode Laser



  • Optimized Hair Removal and More

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Speed and Results without Compromise

LUTRONIC ADVANTAGE POWER+ is a re-engineered, high energy pulsed diode laser system for hair removal and permanent hair reduction. This is the first laser system to integrate adjustable pulse width control with a large spot chilled compression tip. Built with speed, efficacy and comfort as the foundation, the LUTRONIC ADVANTAGE POWER+ is the cost-effective choice for a dependable laser hair removal system.


Your clinicians will appreciate the treatment speed of the ADVANTAGE POWER+ system. Using a large spot size at a high repetition rate ensures rapid treatments. The ADVANTAGE POWER+ is up to 40% faster than other systems on the market and can still deliver the promise of high efficacy. This enables your staff to complete treatment regimens quickly and efficiently.

  • Efficacious and fast treatments with the 30x10 mm tip with up to 35 joules/cm2 fluence
  • No consumables for a reliable and costeffective solution for incredible ROI
  • Minimal treatments needed
  • FDA Cleared to treat skin types I-V
  • Power Pulse Mode delivers improved efficacy with minimal effort
  • Portable device fits into the smallest offices
  • Additional handpiece cradle provides added convenience

Energy Comparison

CW Diode Laser (e.g. 600 W)

cw diode laser

  • Increased heat spread
  • Reduced efficacy
  • Increased treatments
  • Longer pulse widths

cw diode laser

  • Higher peak power
  • Shorter pulse durations
  • Reduced lateral heating
  • Increased hair removal efficacy


advantage omar

Immediately post treatment efficacy


ADVANTAGE POWER+ offers best-in-class hair removal efficacy, while providing speed needed to ensure profitable patient throughput. ADVANTAGE POWER+ ensures that your hair removal business will become profitable again.

advantage ba1

Images Courtesy of Dr. Omar Ibrahimi, USA

advantage ba2 v2 

Images Courtesy of Dr. W S Koh, S. Korea 


The chilled compression tip continually cools and compresses the epidermis before, during and after the treatment:

advantage skin hair 1

Effectively protects epidermis
Allows for increased fluences
Thins the treatment area
Temporarily displaces blood
Enhances patient comfort

advantage skin hair 2

Melanin in follicles absorbs
light energy and is converted
to thermal energy

advantage skin hair 3

Effectively destroys hair
follicles, stem cells and
dermal papillae


ADVANTAGE POWER+ offers a choice of interchangeable diode hand-pieces allow for multiple system configurations to maximize your treatment options.

advantage graphic 3

*Individual results may vary