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What Are Scars?

Many people seek treatment to improve scars because they can seriously reduce one’s quality of life. Scar tissue affects the way your skin looks and feels, and may be sensitive, painful, or itchy as well. Scarring can result from injuries due to accident, surgery, or diseases such as acne. It occurs during the natural healing process when the new tissue your body creates isn’t exactly the same or as good as what was there before.

Treatment Options

Different scars are treated in different ways; some just need to be blended into surrounding skin to improve the appearance, while others need more aggressive treatment with lasers or similar forms of energy that will remove scar tissue and help the body create skin of higher quality. Scars may be treated with chemical peels or injectable fillers, dermabrasion, microneedle therapy, nonablative laser therapy, and ablative laser therapy or fractional radiofrequency therapy.

What Is Laser Scar Remodeling?

Laser Scar Remodeling is a way of treating scars, by encouraging the body's natural healing mechanisms so that the damaged scar tissue is remodeled with healthy tissue.

How Does Laser Scar Remodeling Work?

Extremely small pulses of laser energy (smaller than the head of a pin/needle) are shot into the skin. The energy causes a small and controlled pocket of damage. This controlled damage stimulates your body’s natural response to create more and healthy tissue and collagen. While it may seem counter intuitive to damage already damaged skin, the healing response triggered by this controlled damage usually creates dramatic improvement to the appearance, texture and flexibility of the scarred tissue.

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Courtesy of Dr. S. S. Savant, India


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Courtesy of Dr. H. Harker, Colombia



eCO2 fractional laser system

  • Treatment settings can be easily adjusted to customize treatment to your specific needs, even if you have darker skin.
  • A special sensor fires the laser only when it's supposed to, which makes treatment easier for your doctor and safer for you.
  • Two different treatment modes help your doctor blend the treatment area with surrounding skin for a more natural appearance.
  • Doctors can choose between different cooling methods for maximum comfort during treatment.

INFINI High Intensity Focused RF system

  • Treatment is safe for all skin types, including tanned skin.
  • Risk of side effects is extremely low.
  • High Intensity Focused RF energy is delivered through patented microneedles for maximum comfort and best results.
  • Treatment settings can be easily adjusted to customize treatment to your specific needs.
  • Two different treatment modes allow your doctor to treat deeply or on the surface, or both depending on your needs.

ACTION II laser system

  • The laser is gentle for safe, consistent treatment with minimal downtime.
  • Three different treatment modes allow your doctor to approach your needs in completely different ways, depending on your needs.
  • Treatment settings can be easily adjusted to customize treatment to your specific needs, even if you have dark skin.



  • The laser beams create heated columns of “thermal damage” throughout the treated tissue without injuring the skin’s surface.
  • Alteration of the collagen structure in the skin’s deeper layers, conditions are ideal for collagen regeneration and increased elasticity.
  • Collagen and dermal elastin fibers are constantly being regenerated and improved for months following treatment.


*Individual results may vary.